Saturday, December 15, 2007


SONY has introduced a series of laptops, which you could take the PC on the move. You could work on the move, surf the net, send and receive e- mails, play games, take photos and listen to your favorite music, anytime or anywhere. SONY has released a number of models in the UX series based upon different configurations like HARD DRIVE, RAM, OPERATING SYSTEM, and CONNECTIVITY.

One of the models that the SONY introduces in the UX series is the SONY VAIO UX MICO PC. It offers a wide variety of features to the user and enables them to make the work easier and accomplish the work as they or on the move. This laptop built with the wireless networking and blue-tooth connectivity. It weighs around 490-544g. It also uses the QWERTY keyboard, which is the most commonly used modern day computer keyboard.

The processor is INTER CORE SOLO, which has a speed of 1.3 GHZ

And it also takes advantage of the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Video Chipset .the processor speed is high and it enables you to get the work done quickly. The amount of RAM or RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY is 1GB, which helps to speed up the process very fast and makes our work very easy.

Since it is a pocket PC THE HARD DRIVE is of less capacity compared to that of normal desktop computer or laptop. The display is of 4.5 inch TFT that looks small and compact and the RESOLUTION it gives per pixel is 1024 * 600.

The operating system is best suited and to give ultimate benefits is you can go for a windows vista business. It gives you the competitive edge that you require in the field. The interesting feature is that it offers wire less wide area network (WWAN). IT DIFFERS FROM THAT OF WLAN as it uses cellular technology such as WIMAX, GPRS, GSM and it uses WI-FI to connect the internet. It also has a cellular radio in it, which helps to send and receive data by using this technology.

It also has built in BLUE TOOTH connectivity which helps to connect and exchange information between the devices such as laptops, mobile devices, video game consoles etc. these blue tooth donĂ¢€™t require high band width

In addition, can be operated within the proximity it self. The SONY UX models allow you to store the digital media; the relevant digital documents and the large number of software that can perform a variety of operation for the user to satisfy is corresponding needs.

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