Saturday, December 15, 2007


SONY has bought a series of laptop, which is bound to take the PC in the new world. With a variety of features and technology in the offing, it has definitely changed the life styles of the people and also at more ease of the work. One of the batteries of series introduced by the company SONY is the SZ series. The SZ series offers an unprecedented combination of both the lightweight of the laptop and the power, which it gives through careful use of unique material it gives, and understands the process better.

The SZ series has its elegance to the core, which has a rigid clear cut expression with a feel of sense in it .It is made up of carbon and covered by that and it also has aluminum extrusion in it for the palm rest, which is sure to suit even the most demanding of them all. This series offers uniqueness in the bending of carbon and aluminum making it strong and light for its easy use. It has a new LED technology for its purpose and gives you the ultra thin LCD module u want to have it. The display screen comes to around 13.3 inch of TFT.

It also has a lot of security features like the TRUSTED PLATFORM MODULE, which makes the application more secure and it is much more secure while transactions and while communicating the vital information. The other interesting feature is that of the HDD PROTECTION, which has the combination of hardware, and software, which will immediately detect when the notebook falls or it is hit by some thing and it stops the hard drive immediately by which the data stored in it will be very safe and secure. Another interesting feature is that it provides FINGER PRINT RECOGNITION, which helps the user log into the account with just a swipe by the user finger, and it is very secure too.

There is also another feature adding to this which makes the SZ series even more special, it actually has an in belt camera and a microphone which lets the user to actually communicate through video conferencing any where in the world. The SZ series has video chip set NVIDIA GE Force Go7400 with a RAM of 128 MB. The memory is of 2 GB, which lets you to do the work much faster, and it has the hard drive capacity to a whopping 100 GB, which I am sure it will satisfy to the most demanding of the user. These features combined make the SZ series laptop a more reliable one to use and gives the efficiency purpose to the user.

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