Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sony LTO Ultrium 3 - Advance Data Cartridge : DATA STORAGE

Now here comes the Ultra high space cartridge from Sony Data Media which can practically store upto 20 computers of yours in a small chip, yep thats the new SONY LTO Ultrium which look so small and can hold upto 800GB[819200MB] of data.

Equipped with a transfer speed of 160MB/Sec working on a tape and coating technology this data cartridge offers you a very low error rate and high density recording. To assure tape travel stability and optimum winding with this thinner tape, Sony reassessed the back surface design and adopted a suitable lubricant and supports the Regulatory Compliance: LTO-3 WORM. The LTO3 offers ultra-high-speed 80MB/s native and 160MB/s compressed data transfer for quicker backup and cost efficiency.The normal space is 400MB and 800MB when the data is in the compressed mode.High-speed access with LTO Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) made up with Metal Particle.

The market price of this Data Catridge is in the range of 28$ to 46$ depending on the Sony sellers.

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