Saturday, December 15, 2007


SONY has come out with yet another series of laptop to satisfy all high end users with its striking design as well as the performance features makes it effective for the business tasks. One of the batteries of series introduced by the company SONY is the C series. You could work on the move, surf the net, send and receive e- mails, play games, take photos and listen to your favorite music, anytime or anywhere.

It has an Intel duo core processor for its un-imaginable system responsiveness and efficiency to the core, which lets you do the work at greater speed and executes the codes and instruction much faster from it. This kind of processor actually speeds the overall process required to accomplish the task.

The C SERIES gives you the much needed flexibility as well as the freedom to go any where with its integrated wireless area network technology which lets you use the laptop anywhere while staying connected with your business customers always. It also has an integrated blue tooth facility, which makes us to connect to other devices within the proximity level and allows us to share information without any hassle in the form of cable wire etc.

It also has an excellent wide screen display, which helps us with the latest X-technology, which is also best suited for multiple spreadsheet documents and to analyze large amount of data and it has a unique feature where it contains an anti-reflection coating, which gives you a clear view and good to see from any angle. It also offers mobile computing effectively which gives the mobility to use the PC on the move.

The SONY C models allow you to store the digital media; the variety of software and the digital photos and libraries makes it a one-stop location to find all. These notebooks are pre installed with new Microsoft windows vista business features, which lets you to share the file you use and many more and it also has a security features which protects your critical data and also while you browse through the net. It actually grows along with your business needs, which helps you to retain the investment in it.

These many features from the C series laptop make it quiet unique as well as best suited for the user to meet their business needs and to sustain the growth in the market.

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