Saturday, December 15, 2007


SONY has once again come up with a more innovative series of laptop, which is bound to attract more users to it with its high-defined technology, which makes it even more comfortable for the users to work with it. It is also the perfect blend and combination of elegance, mobility and also style which becomes the center of the digital world which helps you to make most use of it.

There are many key features to the AR series to look out for. The first thing is the ever reliable Intel core duo processor which is specifically been designed for the mobile computing and it has also got an advancement of the mobile processor technology which helps in the mobile computing. The dual core delivers two cores in one CPU by which it gives better performance.

The AR SERIES has got a high defined wide screen which brings you the needed clarity and brightness that you have been looking for while watching movies and other stuff with its X technology solution.

It has also got the home system integration into it, which enables the user to switch to the media center, and allows you to interact with the latest surround sound system technology. It also allows the laptop to be connected to the television. It gives you the Blue Ray Drive, which is a must as you can find out the latest Hollywood movie being offered on the Blue Ray technology.

It has also has the Intel Graphics card which helps you to play the video games with high end atmosphere and you can also support your presentation with super images and good animation added to that. It also has a digital photo import which brings with you the hassle free environment where you donĂ¢€™t require a cable to connect between the camera and the computer and also contains the digital video capture for better home viewing experience.

The another feature is that it has a software bundle in the AR SERIES of laptop which includes to capture and burn video you have, you can also digitize your videos and re organize with them into an MP3 collection and also makes it easier to manage the finances and also organize digitized photos.

It also got the much needed virus protection that everyone is looking for to safe guard your computer and data stored ion it from malicious viruses and software and it protects you when you or reading your mails or browsing the web. You can also connect your peripheral devices with your computer with the help of the USB ports in the laptop.

All these features make the AR SERIES the more reliable one for the user.

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