Saturday, December 15, 2007


Apple Iphone GiiThe newest creation from Steve jobs the founder of Apple products is the APPLE iPhone.
The newest phone has some great functions it serves as a camera phone, a multimedia Player, a cell phone and has internet services like email, ext messaging, web browsing and wireless connection. The iPhone has touch screen with a touch screen and a virtual keyboard with buttons. The APPLE iPhone was released to the public in June 2007. The initial price will be $ 500 United States dollars and that is for the 4 GB model, the 8 GB model will sell for $ 600 United States dollars all with a 2 year service contract.

The idea of the APPLE iPhone was that of Steve Jobs and his team of engineers, they first discovered the touch screens and then incorporate the Apple tablets. The new APPLE iPhone is said to be very similar to the product Newton Message Pad. The iPhone has a 3.5 inch touch screen display created for user to be able to access the touch pad with a finger or several fingers for multi touch sensing. The single front button allows you to bring up the main menu. You can then make your selections from sub selections by using the touch screen.

The APPLE iPhone uses the entire full page display with specific submenus at the top or the bottom of each page; it all depends on the orientation of the screen upon release. The phone has 3 switches on the side, one switch is for sleep and wake, the second switch is the volume control and the third is the on and off switch. For any other phone function you have to use the touch screen. For any type of text you want to put into the phone, you use the virtual keyboard on the screen. It has auto spell check and a predictive word program.

The phone part of the APPLE iPhone lets you have a conference call, call holding, call merging or three way calling and a caller ID. You can set your ring tones to music and when the phone rings it wall play the song and when you answer the phone the song plays out. This iPhone has Visual Voicemail which lets the user to see the list of current voicemail messages.

You can receive your e-mail, message in order they were received in the mail box and then you can put in all of your text messages in the same location. The text messages you do receive are displayed in a bubble like iCHAT underneath the persons name who sent it to you. The camera is a 2 megapixel camera with video and software so you can upload the pictures to your desk top or email so you can send them out.

The iPod will have a music selection as large as the other iPods do. The selections are divided by alphabet for easier song selection. The iPhone can play a video by letting the user watch TV shows and films. All in all this APPLE iPhone one of the best products to come along in a while. The price is a little high but maybe over time it will come down.

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