Saturday, December 15, 2007


Sony FE Series LaptopsSONY has once again unveiled a series of laptop, which targets the high-defined users to cater to their needs. The SONY VAIO FE SERIES is what the home users are looking for this kind. It has got an unprecedented feature, which makes even the most demanding person to meet the expectation.

There are many key features in it, which makes the FE SERIES the most sought after laptop. They have a Dual-core processors packed with Graphics in it and also have a next future generation of screen, which delivers the best of color, and brightness that you can get. The quality of screen is another thing you can look out for. It also has a 15-inch widescreen and also combined with the high-end WXGA resolution, which makes it ideal to watch your favorite movies and feel at home. It has also got a double Lamp Illumination, which helps increases, the contrast and also differentiates between true black colors and vibrant one.

For the first time, you also have the Intel core processor form the Intel which for their right combination of power and potential. With the addition of dual core processor, it steps ahead to the future.

It has also got a hefty hardware in use. This helps you get through the most demanding task and with the advanced DDR2 memory it helps in ultra speed computing with low power consumption. It also helps you to carry an array of task from the entertainment scheme to that of the intensive programs that you would carry out.

It has got an integrated optical drive in use which provides data storage of up to 8.5 GB which can be stored on one Double Layer DVD disc which makes it very easier for the user to port the data, save and share them.

It has also got the Windows Vista Premium, which makes it easier and enjoyable so that you can do anything on your PC. With its high end spectacular look and windows Media Center it takes you to the future. It has also got an exceptional audio quality, which has the original sound reality technology, which provides the surround sound technology. It has also got the integrated Blue tooth technology, which makes you to integrate with the other palm tops as well as other devices without having the need to go for the additional hardware or software.

It also got the unique optional docking with multi function bay, which helps you to expand the functionality and more options to it, even further. The bay unit is an ultra flexible one which helps to do the functionality without the use of excess hard ware in it. All these makes the FE SERIES the most sought after.

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