Saturday, December 15, 2007


Moto ROKR E8 is a part of ROKR series, but has a unique design. The phone is ultra slim and the front side is something totally unique, with a different styled keyboard. It has buds over the surface and is touch sensitive, instead of keys and it must be illuminated to show the characters. In addition to the backlkt keyboard, the omega wheel device that makes it easy to navigate around your music and menus. It has music dedicated shortcuts and are illuminated to attract attention.

There is not much information on ROKR E8, but it seems to be using linux-java OS, optimized for 262K color
QVGA display. It has a 90MB internal memory and 2GB extendable microSD card. Camera is 2 Mega pixel, but no auto focus & image quality is decent. It has a 3.5mm jack for strero headphones. MicroUSB for charging and synchronizing, in other Motorola phones was also used for connecting to headphones. It also has a Radio Fm inbuilt.

Moto ROKR E8 is expected to be released in Europe in the fourth quarter this year. The price for MOTO ROKR E8 is estimated 290 EURO.

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