Saturday, December 15, 2007


SONY has once again unveiled its series of laptop for its high-defined users who looks for more features and technology as they are on the move to stay connected with the people and business customers anywhere anytime in the world. It has many features in it, which I am sure that it is going to make a heads turn and reach out for the incredible series unveiled by Sony.

The SONY N SERIES bounds with performance, portability and value to the user, which makes it more reliable and sought after. It has many features like the ever reliable and latest processor from the Intel, which lets you do the work at greater speed and executes the codes and instruction much faster.

The duo processor consists of two encodes in to one layer of the CPU which gives you the much more needed efficiency for it.

It gives you an impressive PC performance that you look for it. You can surf, access the digital photos as well as enjoy the video as well with its processor bundled with many features in it. It also has a DVD burner and a hard drive with a revolution speed of 4300 rates per second, which helps to carry out the task much easier and faster.

It also has an excellent wide screen display, which helps us with the latest X-technology, which clearly distinguishes between the true black color as well as the vibrant color. It is also best suited for multiple spread sheet documents and also to analyze large amount of data and it has also got a unique feature where it contains an anti-reflection coating which gives you a clear view and good to see from any angle.

It has got a built in wireless LAN which helps you to stay connected any where and it also supports the wireless fidelity which gives you greater access and wide coverage of network to do a lots of work anywhere.

These notebooks are pre installed with new Microsoft windows vista business features, which lets you to share the file you use and many more and it also has a security features which protects your critical data and also while you browse through the net. These notebooks have an inbuilt Bluetooth facility, which helps the user to connect to the different laptops, mobile devices, and video game consoles, which lets you to access with in the specified range limit. It also allows us to share many data within the specified range without the need of cable wire.

These many feature are sure to help the high tech users to awe about this marvel, which is released by SONY, and also to have an easier way to do the work with the latest technology under it.

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