Saturday, December 15, 2007


SONY has bought in a number of series of laptops with high-defined technology. One of the series is the SONY VIAO TX series, which is enclosed in a carbon fiber casing for which the same material is used in the jet plane, which is very durable. This heavy-duty form factor is made of multi-layered carbon fiber, which is much lighter and stronger than the magnesium alloy used for most notebooks. Generally these note books are made to last long even through the toughest wear and tear you encounter.

One of the models in the SONY TX series is that the SONY VAIO VGN TX2 which is an ultra portable computer. It has many features that make it stand apart from other manufactures that deal with this type of product. The special features are it is comparatively light in weight and has a long battery life operation

The TX is been released in four types 600,700,800 and the TXN series. Each series has a better configuration than the previous one.

The 600 and the 700 series is some what similar and varies with the processor speed and the hard drive, where as the 700 series uses the Intel core solo processor, which has a longer battery life than its previous version. The last of its type is the TXN series, which has a built in finger print reader.

Most of the TX series uses the 1.8 hard drive, which 512 MB of RAM has associated with the Motherboard. They also have the instant on feature capability, which helps you to play DVD movies. The hard drive capacity is 80GB, which allows us to store more files and data without having to go for another external hard drive. Most of the VIAO has wide screen display in the resolution od 1366 * 768 per pixel. 11.1 inch diagonal, which gives it a 16:9 aspect ratio vs 16:10 for most other wide screen notebooks. Its rough use and extended battery life makes it more suitable for the people to go with it.

It also has a double layer optical drive features, which lets us to play DVD and has the RW in it. The operating system that is best suited is the windows XP PRO VERSION that suits the business needs. It also has a blue tooth connectivity, which allows the person to connect to other devices and laptops within the priority range, and uses the cellular technology to transmit and read data packets between them. The laptop weighs close to 1.3 kg and it has a wide variety of features to cater to the user requirement. It is a high-defined laptop, which is sure to strike a chord among the users.

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