Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shure SE series : Earphones

Shure, the Chicago based audio electronics company announced the economically priced earphones, recently. Similar products from competing companies cost anywhere between $200 and $500 in the market. Shure has moved from the professional-only image to the consumer space, and seems to be making hay while the sun is still shining.Shure Earphones

The Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones look rather large; it could’ve been made smaller, but that would add to the cost. It looks very good though. It’s mostly black, with a few tinges of white, and will match just about any compatible device you use. Not many earphones deserve such compliments of match-and-contrast. Shure’s trademark-like popularity or legacy, as you would want to call it, continues – with the deep ear design. Sound Isolation? You bet, and it works great.

If you’ve used Shure’s SE series earphones before, then this one will come off as easy as others. The design and the package (overall) are very similar to the previous models. This means that you may not want to, or even need to, read through the manual again. Anyway, do read it. It comes along for a good reason.

The bass is a little weak, and for the bass freaks, that’s a let down. Lows, mids and highs are reasonably good. Listening to vocals was a breeze and they were setting the pulse and the tempo right. The softer ones will sound great with this one, and even the distant notes can be heard very clearly. Although you can’t expect Iron Maiden to get you breaking your neck with the relatively weak bass, the performance is pretty satisfactory. So, if you’re into rock and metal, maybe you can wait until Shure’s future models to release according to your preferences. It seems like they were designer with the soft listener in mind.

To add to it, you get a small kit, which comes with some cleaning component and loads of foam sleeves and custom flanges. They’re easy to use and comfortable in hands of just about any size. It’s evident that Shure sure knows the doorway to musical hearts.

WRT300N LinkSys Wireless-N Broadband Router

WRT300N - Wireless-N Broadband has launched the magnificant Wireless-N Networking product which can connect you to the world more faster.The product name is WRT300N Wireless-N Broadband Router and it handles voice,Internet and entertainment upto 12 times faster, and 4 times more range than the Standard Wireless-G works.It best suits for larger homes and home offices making it totally a wireless zone.The MIMO technology creates robust signal and is a 3in1 product.
With a built in 4 Port 10/100 Switch you can share your high speed internet connection connected via DSL. All the data is also encoded to ensure maximum security upto 256bit Encryption levels combined with a inbuilt firewall to protect your computers from intruders and attacks. Now you can use this product to run applications like games, streaming video’s , VOIP etc on a wireless mode.

Worlds Smallest Radio - Ear Piece (AM/FM)

Now you can get the Worlds smallest AM/FM Ear Piece for just a couple of dollars. You can get the latest am news, movie, sport or leisure program and use it while walking, running, driving, watching or simply relaxing. The weight of the Ear Pirce is just 10 grams which includes the batteries and has no external wires nor any aeriel or clips comes with a small soft cushion which will stay inside the ear.

The Battery cover can be easily opened with a paper clip and the radio is totally powered with the battery, which gives you a long last full clarity radio experiance.Normally the working life of the battery is 48 hours without charging it and can last for weeks if its used frequently.

The market price of this product ranges from 4$ to 8$ depending on the sellers.

Sony LTO Ultrium 3 - Advance Data Cartridge : DATA STORAGE

Now here comes the Ultra high space cartridge from Sony Data Media which can practically store upto 20 computers of yours in a small chip, yep thats the new SONY LTO Ultrium which look so small and can hold upto 800GB[819200MB] of data.

Equipped with a transfer speed of 160MB/Sec working on a tape and coating technology this data cartridge offers you a very low error rate and high density recording. To assure tape travel stability and optimum winding with this thinner tape, Sony reassessed the back surface design and adopted a suitable lubricant and supports the Regulatory Compliance: LTO-3 WORM. The LTO3 offers ultra-high-speed 80MB/s native and 160MB/s compressed data transfer for quicker backup and cost efficiency.The normal space is 400MB and 800MB when the data is in the compressed mode.High-speed access with LTO Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) made up with Metal Particle.

The market price of this Data Catridge is in the range of 28$ to 46$ depending on the Sony sellers.

320GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive from Iomega : DATA STORAGE

320GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive from IomegaIOmega Silver series introduces the 320GB USB 2.0 based External Hard disk drive which is most affordable way to store upto 12,80,000 photo images, 5900 Hours long music or 500 hours of video. This external drive is pre formatted and is ready to use, you just need to plugin it via the USB and its plug and play so ready to use once connected via the USB which can also be used as a hot swappable disk.

The speed of the disk is 7200 RPM with a 2MB Cache and sleek design which makes it look more better.Its originally manufactured in China and shipped all over the world.

The market price of this 320GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive is in the range of 105$ to 160$ based on the sellers.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nokia 888 - A new Concept Mobile

Nokia 888This is a new concept mobile communication device which looks funny but is a serious thingy newly released in the mobile world. A new launch by Nokia, this slim paper-like phone has a lot of features which people just used to imagine about.
The piece is designed by “Tamer Nakisci”, who has already won “The Nokia Benelux Design Awards” and now is a jury member of Apple iCan 06.

The phone is completely flexible and can be carried any where and in any form. It can be bended in any shape, or can be rolled up round the wrist, or if at all you are not comfortable with this, then you can just use the phone as a clip for your shirt. Never ever was there a concept of this kind… and is already in huge demands prior to the release of this piece.

Nokia 888This phone can change it’s own shape whenever you need to talk like a normal phone. Talk without words, but with emotions which can be sent and recieved by other Nokia 888 users.
Things like liquid battery, speech recognition, flexible touch screen, touch sensitive body cover and extremely new ones into the world of Nokia Mobiles.
The color can be changed along with the shape of the phone. What else you need? Everything is unique and new… so you will really enjoy using it… not just a mobile, but it is Fun!

Nokia 888

Nintendo Wii Review

The Wii is treated as the most compact console of the next generation. Wii weighs about 2.7 pounds. The length of the Wii is 8.5 inches where as the width is 6 inches with thickness of 2 inches. The Wii has similar look like PS3 and Xbox 360 and it can be placed vertically or horizontally with the help of the plastic stand. After setting that in a particular position, you need to plug the power supply and connect the AV (Audio/Video) cable wires to your TV. The output resolution of the Wii is 480p in 16.9 wide-screens. For this, you need to purchase optional cable separately.

The next thing you need to do is to set-up the controllers. Wii comes with a remote and a joystick controller which connects to remote for the game control. This remote works for all the games at a distance of 50 feet. And finally, place 2 AA batteries in the Wii Remote.

Channels of Wii:

Internet Channel: An Opera web browser is available (customized version but with Flash support) is available for Wii. Nintendo added that in order to obtain the customized web browser, you need to surrender Wii points.

Forecast Channel: You can get the updates regarding weather forecast with the help of browsing the 3D globe in it.

News Channel: With the help of this channel, you can get the latest news from all parts of the world.

Wii Message Board: This is where you can exchange the messages with other Wii users all over the world and collect the latest information about the games.

Photo Channel: You can access your digital photos using this channel via a mobile phone or SD card slot. Apart from viewing, you can zoom in the photos; you can create slide shows; you can edit the images in your own and pass the creations to other Wii users.

Mii Channel: Here, you can create the avatar for you which you can use in different Wii games and save those avatars for the later use. This is termed as Mii characters. You can store the maximum of 10 Mii Characters on a Wii remote.

Disc Channel: Make a click here to start the Wii game disc which you’ve inserted earlier.

The price of a Wii is about $250 which is less than half of the price of PS3 whose price is $600 or more. And yes, PS3 provides high quality graphics but for playing some casual games, you don’t need such extreme graphics. If you wish to buy a console for fun and the minimum cost you can afford for that is $250, then the better option is Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii Screenshot

BH-800 Nokia’s Smallest Bluetooth headset

BH-800 Nokia's Smallest Bluetooth headsetNokia has introduced the BH-800 series bluetooth headset which is a rectangular shaped headset weighing amazingly 9 grams only with a elegant look and awesome features.It has got a optional ear loop which can be removed. The total talktime is 6 hours and takes upto 2 hours for charging along with 160Hours of stand by mode time with a 3 metre range for the bluetooth.
Though the power button, call answering and volume control buttons are very small and very hard to use when the hearsets are in use, their functions are very good.It is the first wiseless headset from nokia which is having bluetooth specification 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate[EDR]

The market price of this product is in the range of 80$ - 180$ Depending on the seller and their online offers, so there is no fixed price.

200 Disk Changer SONY VIAO VGX - XL2 Digital Living System

200 Disk Changer Sony VAIO VGX-XL2 Digital Living SystemSony VAIO VGX-XL2 Digital Living System is a premium product introduced by Sony which is a 200 DVD Changer first of its kind which is a new technology digital content management product controlling your high quality video cam video, pics, downloaded music , movies , recorded television shows to your DVD/CD Collection with the 200 Disk Changer.

It comes with a Wireless Keyboard or remote control which is your choice based on the usage using which you can burn DVD’s and CD’s with One touch feature and store them in the Sony VAIO VGX-XL2 Digital Living System. The total capacity of this system is 2 Terabytes using the DVD+R DL dvd’s

This Sony VAIO VGX-XL2 Digital Living System comes with the performance of VAIO PC’s with Intel Pentium D 920 Dual Core Processor, nVIDIA 6600 Graphic card, 128MB DDR memory, 1 GB of DDR2 Memory and 2×160GB Sata Hard Drive it will be giving you the best performance.

You can now download movies and music from the web and directly store in this gigantic storage, watch and record your favourite television shows using the Windows XP Media Center Edition and the advanced menu’s and management programes.

The price range of this product ranges from 900$ to 2100$ depending on the sellers and the optional products.


Moto ROKR E8 is a part of ROKR series, but has a unique design. The phone is ultra slim and the front side is something totally unique, with a different styled keyboard. It has buds over the surface and is touch sensitive, instead of keys and it must be illuminated to show the characters. In addition to the backlkt keyboard, the omega wheel device that makes it easy to navigate around your music and menus. It has music dedicated shortcuts and are illuminated to attract attention.

There is not much information on ROKR E8, but it seems to be using linux-java OS, optimized for 262K color
QVGA display. It has a 90MB internal memory and 2GB extendable microSD card. Camera is 2 Mega pixel, but no auto focus & image quality is decent. It has a 3.5mm jack for strero headphones. MicroUSB for charging and synchronizing, in other Motorola phones was also used for connecting to headphones. It also has a Radio Fm inbuilt.

Moto ROKR E8 is expected to be released in Europe in the fourth quarter this year. The price for MOTO ROKR E8 is estimated 290 EURO.


Unlock IphoneRemove the black part, the three screws, and the aluminum case. Disconnect the wire connecting the phone to the case. Also remove the metal cover over the comm. board. This is all the disassembly you have to do. If you feel like being safe, desolder the battery red lead.

The red line is covering the A17 trace. In order to trick the chip into thinking the flash is erased in the correct section, you will need to pull this high. Scrape away at the trace with something like a multimeter probe. Then solder a very thin wire to it. Be very careful. Only scrape away at that solder mask above that one trace. This is the hardest step in the whole process; the rest is cake. Also solder a wire to the 1.8v line. Connect to wire coming from the trace and the wire coming from the 1.8v to your unlock switch. Be careful, you only get one chance to do this right.

Time to test what you just soldered. First use the continuity check on a multimeter to make sure the wires aren’t shorting to ground or to each other. Make sure your switch is in the off position. Power up your iPhone. Hopefully it didn’t smoke :) Now go into minicom to tty.baseband and send a few commands, AT a few times will do. It should respond OK. Now flipApple Iphone your switch, the base band should stop responding. Even when you flip it back, the base band still shouldn’t respond. Be sure your switch is off, then open another Ssh and run “bbupdater -v” You can get bbupdater off the ramdisk. This should reset the base band, and minicom should start working again. If it did this, your soldering is most likely good, and you are ready to actually start unlocking your phone!!!

If it passed the checks in step 4, congratulate yourself. You are a pro soldered. Go eat lunch. If not, don’t worry yet. I must’ve thought I bricked my phone 100 times. First of all, to power up your phone you don’t need to reconnect the case with the power button. Just connect it with USB, it’ll power itself up. Secondly, don’t waste time compiling minicom.

This tool uploads a small program, “”, to the base band using the boot rom exploit. This program needs to be in neither a dir with “norâ€�, the file you obtained. You need to have the switch on when running this program. This will download and run the code in “” Then the program will stop and ask to turn off the switch. Do so. You type any character then hit enter. The nor download starts right away. When the counter reaches 0×2E4000, it is done. Run “bbupdater -v”. Hopefully it will return the xgendata. If is does, the nor upload was successful.

If you already used up your attempt counter, the phone should already be unlocked. If not just run ‘AT+CLCK=”PN”, 0,”00000000″. That will unlock the phone for sure. Run ‘AT+CLCK=”PN”, 2. It should finally return 0!!!Your phone is now unlocked. Exit minicom and copy the CommCenter plist back to its place. Reboot. IAsign. And enjoy your unlocked iPhone.


Apple Iphone GiiThe newest creation from Steve jobs the founder of Apple products is the APPLE iPhone.
The newest phone has some great functions it serves as a camera phone, a multimedia Player, a cell phone and has internet services like email, ext messaging, web browsing and wireless connection. The iPhone has touch screen with a touch screen and a virtual keyboard with buttons. The APPLE iPhone was released to the public in June 2007. The initial price will be $ 500 United States dollars and that is for the 4 GB model, the 8 GB model will sell for $ 600 United States dollars all with a 2 year service contract.

The idea of the APPLE iPhone was that of Steve Jobs and his team of engineers, they first discovered the touch screens and then incorporate the Apple tablets. The new APPLE iPhone is said to be very similar to the product Newton Message Pad. The iPhone has a 3.5 inch touch screen display created for user to be able to access the touch pad with a finger or several fingers for multi touch sensing. The single front button allows you to bring up the main menu. You can then make your selections from sub selections by using the touch screen.

The APPLE iPhone uses the entire full page display with specific submenus at the top or the bottom of each page; it all depends on the orientation of the screen upon release. The phone has 3 switches on the side, one switch is for sleep and wake, the second switch is the volume control and the third is the on and off switch. For any other phone function you have to use the touch screen. For any type of text you want to put into the phone, you use the virtual keyboard on the screen. It has auto spell check and a predictive word program.

The phone part of the APPLE iPhone lets you have a conference call, call holding, call merging or three way calling and a caller ID. You can set your ring tones to music and when the phone rings it wall play the song and when you answer the phone the song plays out. This iPhone has Visual Voicemail which lets the user to see the list of current voicemail messages.

You can receive your e-mail, message in order they were received in the mail box and then you can put in all of your text messages in the same location. The text messages you do receive are displayed in a bubble like iCHAT underneath the persons name who sent it to you. The camera is a 2 megapixel camera with video and software so you can upload the pictures to your desk top or email so you can send them out.

The iPod will have a music selection as large as the other iPods do. The selections are divided by alphabet for easier song selection. The iPhone can play a video by letting the user watch TV shows and films. All in all this APPLE iPhone one of the best products to come along in a while. The price is a little high but maybe over time it will come down.


Apple Video IpodThey’re here. They’re there. They’re everywhere. You see them with the actors on TV. You see them at the airport while traveling. You see them at the café’s. Welcome to the iGeneration. The next time you see a teenager with the glowing white earphones, and listening to trendy music while gazing into a sleek device with a glowing screen, you know that he has been attacked by the iPod crazy phenomenon.

The iPod revolution has started and it has become one of the prominent, status symbols of Today’s society. Today it seems like every second teen owns an iPod. The appeal of having your own customized selection of music by your side 24 hours a day, sounds so irrestible. These stylish portable hard drives enable you to store your entire music library, video collection and upto 25,000 photos.

Music connects. Taking this philosophy to the next level, Apple introduced the iTunes-the #1 online music store specially made for iPod makes it possible to buy your favorite tracks and sync it with your iPod.

Apple iPod Video is an Enhanced 5th Generation Media Player and is available in 30,40 and 80 GB Storage. It stores almost three weeks’ worth of music, 25,000 photos, or up to 40 hours of video, and now you can now enjoy games and movies as well. It comes in the color black. iPod with Video is one of the most successful brand items of all times. It features a “click wheelâ€� offering more control and providing an easy interface. It is available in different colors, sizes, features and preferences. It continues with its sleek trend, a height of only 4.1 inches it easily fits into the pocket. It is little bulky as compared to other products and weights 4.8 ounces. It supports mp3 (16 to 320 kbps) and AAC (iTunes Store). It also supports mp4 video format. It has a built in rechargeable ion battery. With 20 hours of battery life, it is reliable and efficient than any other gadgets in the market.

You can create a soundtrack to your life, and play songs according to your environment and mood. iPod is not a gadget anymore, it has become the best companion of teenagers, businessman and celebrities all over the world.

* 30 /40/ 80/ 160 GB Storage.
* Video support.
* Feather touch.
* Customizable Menu and click wheel feature.
* Easy Navigation and song search.
* 65,000 color High Resolution LED screen.
* Photo Library with Slideshows.
* 320 by 240 pixels.
* Downloadable Games.
* Car Integration.
* Supports Additional languages.
* Supports Album art and lyrics.

* Difficult to Sync and transfer.
* Needs to be converted into mp4 format.
* No Voice Recording and FM feature.
* Bulky design
* No direct access to the files.
* Heavier than other Apple Products.

Overall the fifth generation iPod is a must buy for gizmo freaks. iPod stands tall of the fact that there are not many cell phones in the market, which provides so many features at this price. iPod in your back pocket sends a message that you are hip, trendy and a true lover of music. If you want to create an impression and want to enjoy music on the go, then the Apple iPod is just for you. So in three words just go get it.


Nokia N93 i Mobile PhoneThe Nokia N93 performs like a multi-functional smartphone, sporting capabilities for high-quality video recording and boastind optical zoom Nokia N93i is absolutely the same as its predecessor as to its specification and its smaller size and definitely sexier look are the noticeable changes. A major difference is easily spotted is the new design. There is a unique flipping style that the Nokia N93i is also capable of.

The N93i includes an integrated 3.2-megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom and LED flash, plus a rotating viewfinder. Flipping the screen to its side automatically changes the orientation of the image to landscape mode and while rotating it upwards automatically puts the phone into camera mode. The main display measures about 2.4 inches, with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution and 16 million colours, which is a major improvement over the older N93’s 262K-colour screen. The N93i also comes with a lot of useful gear, which includes a travel charger and headset, Nokia connectivity and video-out cables, and a 1GB miniSD card on top of the N93i’s built-in 50MB storage space.

Nokia has kept the standard Symbian S60 3rd Edition user interface, which looks amazing and is very simple to use thanks to the high-resolution display. Connecting to a TV is a plug-and-play affair, and you’re able to view the whole user interface of the phone on the TV.

There’s 3x optical zoom and up to 8x digital, and at the highest quality, the 1GB SD card should allow roughly 45 minutes of recording. With this much storage on board, you can easily store over 500 still images with a maximum 2048 x 1536 resolution. Connectivity is taken care of with tri-band GSM support, 3G, Bluetooth 2.0, infrared and Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) as standard as well as ports for USB and TV-out. Nokia has provided an integrated FM radio and music player with the support for MP3, AAC, M4A, eAAC+ and AAC+ formats.

Connecting to Wi-Fi is simple, it lists the networks it detects, you enter the wireless encryption key, and the phone is connected. The high-resolution display and Nokia’s in-built web browser make the internet experience reasonably good for a phone. By moving to a slimmer design Nokia has shrunk the size of its battery, which is now a 950mAh BL-5F unit.


* Transformer-style folding
* Superb screen
* Optical zoom
* Excellent Web browsing
* Good music
* Wi-Fi
* Great user interface


* Chunky size
* Poor build quality
* Prone to scratch
* Weak flash
* Meager battery life

The Nokia N93i 3G smartphone isn’t a major step over the previous N93, but it has all the features to please most power users including Wi-Fi and a 3.2-megapixel camera with the Carl Zeiss lens. . The design is much neater in terms of everything.


Nokia N77The N77 is a member of the Nokia N series which is a highly features focused range with high quality technologies. Nokia N77 is a multimedia focused 3G smartphone, which comes with TV broadcasting abilities. The phone is neat & compact for a 3G smartphone handset which measures 111mm x 50mm x 18.8mm & weighs 114 grams. The screen is large is size & provides the user with the high quality display. The screen comes with an ambient light detector, which optimizes the brightness of the screen.

The 3G compatibility of the phone allows the user with the facility of making video calls. It has USB, and a Pop-port, enabling the user to connect the N77 to any other device, and also has Bluetooth capabilities. It comes with GPRS and EDGE compatibility. Nokia N77 has internet browsing feature enabled. N77 has a 2 mega pixel camera, with 16x zoom and comes with a LED flash. This allows snapshot pictures and also video recording. A fully charged Battery gives upto 5 TV viewing and up to 180 hours of stand-by time.

The mobile TV feature is the main & most impressive feature of the Nokia N77. The phone comes with the TV application, which allows the user to select, purchase & view TV programs on the mobile handset. The TV broadcast feature comes with a replay option, reminder feature & a program guide. . The user will never be short of entertainment on their 3G smartphone as it comes with preloaded & downloadable Javaâ„¢ games, which provide the user with a lively gaming experience. The phone comes with the mobile email service, which allows the user to create, send & receive emails complete with file attachments.

Nokia N77 comes with a RealPlayer, which supports many of the popular formats, which include, P3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, and WMA. The user has a stereo headset given along with the phone to enjoy the full stereo effect of the music. It offers an equalizer feature with the ability creation of play-list.

* Networks incorporate GSM 900 GSM 1800, GSM 1900
* Light weight
* Bluetooth, USB
* Live TV with DVB-H
* 20 Mbytes Memory Plus MicroSDâ„¢ Memory Card up to 2 Gbytes
* Music Player (MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ & WMA)
* Java games and applications

* No infrared options
* Some problems occur with connectivity
* No LAN facility
* Internal memory
Along with its many features that strike out in the phone, the camera given could have been much better and the connectivity is also not up to the mark. Also the internal memory does not offer much. However, this phone has the outstanding tv function and is also very light. The phone comes with Symbian operating system complete with S60 software. The user can use the Quickoffice viewer to view Quick word, Quick point or Quick sheet documents & the phone comes with an Adobe PDF reader. Also many other such features make the phone very handy and a great buy.


The NOKIA 7380 model manufactured by NOKIA was released in the year 2005. Just one look at it will leave you gasping for breath for its sheer look, style and elegance. It is one of the three new fashion phones introduced by Nokia. It looks small, easy to hold and despite the fact that the size of the phone is large it still fits in your pocket very much easily even in one of the most fashionable attire.

The phone has got a lot of feature like it consist of the MP3 player as well as the FM radio and it allows to access the internet with its WAP technology and the data transfer rate is lightening fast and it also has voice command responsiveness.

The front face of the Nokia 7380 completely mirrored when it is idle and when you actually use the phone the screen comes on behind the mirror, which is one way and it got a shimming golden stripes, which actually makes it a combination of more colors.

The navigation part of the phone is quiet interesting in this because it does not have the traditional keypad and rather it does not have any noticeable buttons in the phone. The circular inner console much similar to the IPOD mainly does the navigation thing, which you need to scroll across to access the menu. It has a center console, which is used to access the interface of the phone, and the glowing orange ball in the center is actually the select key

The Nokia has included al most every feature that it contained in the mid range phone of the Nokia. However, it mostly used for a casual purpose like dialing contacts, messaging and snapping a picture. However, the Nokia has thoughtfully included an audio messaging kind of service, which lets the user to actually voice their message without having to type from it. Dialing contacts is simple and all you need to do is scroll to the numbers and click on the green button to do the talking.

Taking a picture is also relatively easy, as you need to go to the camera application and click on the orange button to select the required application. There is also some option like activating the night mode and you can activate the flash player though the picture quality is of high standards. It also has the Bluetooth connectivity, which helps to share information between the user with in the proximity range, and you can also store a number of software to suit your needs.

Overall, the NOKIA 7380 has its advantages and it also looks sleek and good in its own way.


Nokia 5300 ReviewThe NOKIA 5300 music express phone is manufactured by Nokia which is a normally a music phone which attempts to send the MP3 player to the junkyard. It has a dedicated music keys, which does not make you to skip a beat with its forward reverse button, stop play button. It can also store unto more than 1600 songs, which keeps you all the along and give the extra punch in the party with its very good surround sound speaker.

It has many key features in it, which have an expandable memory of up to 2 GB, and it is easy to hold and grip the phone. The user interface is extremely easy and the side volume keys be used for zooming the images. It consists of the camcorder as well as the video recorder and can do the down load and upload of the images and it contains a programmable white balance for the camera.

It contains a variety of multi media feature as you can visualize the radio station, there is much more to this as you can even find out who sings the song the movie name, and lots more stuff like that. You can also manage and compose the music to your wish. The memory functions is also another interesting aspect in this feature which got a combination of memory with 34 MB of flash memory and 18 RAM and there is also a slot for the SD memory card which can be expandable up to 2 GB.

The messaging offers a lot of variety to it as it includes the multi media messaging service and by activating the GPRS you can browse though the internet and it supports al most all protocols needed for the transmission. You can also activate the stand by mode, which gives you instant access or short cuts to all menus right in front of the screen.

Added to that, it got internal antenna and consists of animated screen savers, which starts playing the moment it is idle. It contains a flash player and a Nokia sensor, which keeps track of the location. You can also play movies, display songs using the windows media flash player and additional to that it contains a Nokia manager.

The Nokia 5300 makes it easier to use and gives more features, which makes it a single device to carry with you and move forward as well as make it more accessible.

Toshiba 60 GB Portable Media player 2.4" MES60VK GIGABIT

Toshiba Announces the MES60VK 2.4 Inches wide screen and a huge 60GB Space which can play music continiously for 10 long days or store upto 40 days of music of average quality.You can view the video’s and pictures stored via the 2-3/8″ Size Screen in bright and vivid colours.You can connect the player to a Tivo Series DVR and download Live TV shows and watch them anytime, also the downloading features allow you to download music directly from napster or AOL and store in WMA or MP3 formats.

Also features connection with the XBOX Console where in you can use it to play your own custom background tracks while playing the games. Also features a FM Radio which can be used to store the LIVE FM and a intergrated microphone useful for recording lectures and seminars.It also supports WAV,WMV 7, WMV 8, WMV 9 video files, displays JPEG files, weighs just 4.84 oz.The Batteries continiously work for 12 hours when fully charged.

The market price of this product is in the range of 240$ to 399$ based on the sellers.


After a long wait, Microsoft launches its Zune MP3 Player on November 14, 2006. This is Microsoft’s latest entry into the world of portable Music Players. Zune has a 3inch LCD video screen, wireless music sharing and a build in FM radio. Well, there are not many surprises in Zune but as the player is built by Microsoft, many people will surely buy it. The basic model launched is of 30GB HDD with video playback feature inbuilt. The screen resolution is QVGA and the codec support is quite good. It supports h.264, MP3, AAC and WMA. The wireless Zune to Zune sharing is an exciting feature in Zune and works pretty well. Some extra inbuilt features such as sharing playlists and photos with your friends.

Zune is available in three colors, Black, Brown and White. The configuration is as follows:
4.4 in. x 2.4 in. x 0.6 in. (h x w x d)
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Music up to 14 hours (wireless off), up to 13 hours (wireless on); pictures, up to 4 hours; video, up to 4 hours
Charge Time: 3 hours; 2 hours to 90%
3.0 inch display
320×240 pixels.
It can also play usual un-protected content (MP3, AAC), but also play only protected content from Microsoft new Zune Marketplace.
Some disadvantages with Zune are that it is not compatible with previous Windows Media Player based music stores like Napster, and also it not compatible with Macs.
If you consider the 80GB HDD Zune player, obviously the cost rises but has no warranty from Microsoft. It has the same dimension as the 30GB Zune. But the point is that the 80GB players are not sold out in retail stores. Well there might be some answers to the question.
A protective metal casing must be removed from inside the Zune to install the thicker 80GB drive. This casing shields the drive against crushing forces that may occur when the drive is stepped on, sat on, or otherwise abused. The Zune design team may have felt removing this piece would jeopardize the structural integrity of the player. On the other hand, perhaps they kept the drive small to allow for a lower price point and a future development path for a larger capacity Zune 2.0 device. Around 7000 songs can be added in the 30GB Zune but movies takes lot of space than MP3’s. A 30GB Zune may hold around 25 full length movies at best. In the 80GB player, around 70 full length movies can be added.


SONY has introduced a series of laptops, which you could take the PC on the move. You could work on the move, surf the net, send and receive e- mails, play games, take photos and listen to your favorite music, anytime or anywhere. SONY has released a number of models in the UX series based upon different configurations like HARD DRIVE, RAM, OPERATING SYSTEM, and CONNECTIVITY.

One of the models that the SONY introduces in the UX series is the SONY VAIO UX MICO PC. It offers a wide variety of features to the user and enables them to make the work easier and accomplish the work as they or on the move. This laptop built with the wireless networking and blue-tooth connectivity. It weighs around 490-544g. It also uses the QWERTY keyboard, which is the most commonly used modern day computer keyboard.

The processor is INTER CORE SOLO, which has a speed of 1.3 GHZ

And it also takes advantage of the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Video Chipset .the processor speed is high and it enables you to get the work done quickly. The amount of RAM or RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY is 1GB, which helps to speed up the process very fast and makes our work very easy.

Since it is a pocket PC THE HARD DRIVE is of less capacity compared to that of normal desktop computer or laptop. The display is of 4.5 inch TFT that looks small and compact and the RESOLUTION it gives per pixel is 1024 * 600.

The operating system is best suited and to give ultimate benefits is you can go for a windows vista business. It gives you the competitive edge that you require in the field. The interesting feature is that it offers wire less wide area network (WWAN). IT DIFFERS FROM THAT OF WLAN as it uses cellular technology such as WIMAX, GPRS, GSM and it uses WI-FI to connect the internet. It also has a cellular radio in it, which helps to send and receive data by using this technology.

It also has built in BLUE TOOTH connectivity which helps to connect and exchange information between the devices such as laptops, mobile devices, video game consoles etc. these blue tooth don’t require high band width

In addition, can be operated within the proximity it self. The SONY UX models allow you to store the digital media; the relevant digital documents and the large number of software that can perform a variety of operation for the user to satisfy is corresponding needs.


SONY has bought in a number of series of laptops with high-defined technology. One of the series is the SONY VIAO TX series, which is enclosed in a carbon fiber casing for which the same material is used in the jet plane, which is very durable. This heavy-duty form factor is made of multi-layered carbon fiber, which is much lighter and stronger than the magnesium alloy used for most notebooks. Generally these note books are made to last long even through the toughest wear and tear you encounter.

One of the models in the SONY TX series is that the SONY VAIO VGN TX2 which is an ultra portable computer. It has many features that make it stand apart from other manufactures that deal with this type of product. The special features are it is comparatively light in weight and has a long battery life operation

The TX is been released in four types 600,700,800 and the TXN series. Each series has a better configuration than the previous one.

The 600 and the 700 series is some what similar and varies with the processor speed and the hard drive, where as the 700 series uses the Intel core solo processor, which has a longer battery life than its previous version. The last of its type is the TXN series, which has a built in finger print reader.

Most of the TX series uses the 1.8 hard drive, which 512 MB of RAM has associated with the Motherboard. They also have the instant on feature capability, which helps you to play DVD movies. The hard drive capacity is 80GB, which allows us to store more files and data without having to go for another external hard drive. Most of the VIAO has wide screen display in the resolution od 1366 * 768 per pixel. 11.1 inch diagonal, which gives it a 16:9 aspect ratio vs 16:10 for most other wide screen notebooks. Its rough use and extended battery life makes it more suitable for the people to go with it.

It also has a double layer optical drive features, which lets us to play DVD and has the RW in it. The operating system that is best suited is the windows XP PRO VERSION that suits the business needs. It also has a blue tooth connectivity, which allows the person to connect to other devices and laptops within the priority range, and uses the cellular technology to transmit and read data packets between them. The laptop weighs close to 1.3 kg and it has a wide variety of features to cater to the user requirement. It is a high-defined laptop, which is sure to strike a chord among the users.


SONY has bought a series of laptop, which is bound to take the PC in the new world. With a variety of features and technology in the offing, it has definitely changed the life styles of the people and also at more ease of the work. One of the batteries of series introduced by the company SONY is the SZ series. The SZ series offers an unprecedented combination of both the lightweight of the laptop and the power, which it gives through careful use of unique material it gives, and understands the process better.

The SZ series has its elegance to the core, which has a rigid clear cut expression with a feel of sense in it .It is made up of carbon and covered by that and it also has aluminum extrusion in it for the palm rest, which is sure to suit even the most demanding of them all. This series offers uniqueness in the bending of carbon and aluminum making it strong and light for its easy use. It has a new LED technology for its purpose and gives you the ultra thin LCD module u want to have it. The display screen comes to around 13.3 inch of TFT.

It also has a lot of security features like the TRUSTED PLATFORM MODULE, which makes the application more secure and it is much more secure while transactions and while communicating the vital information. The other interesting feature is that of the HDD PROTECTION, which has the combination of hardware, and software, which will immediately detect when the notebook falls or it is hit by some thing and it stops the hard drive immediately by which the data stored in it will be very safe and secure. Another interesting feature is that it provides FINGER PRINT RECOGNITION, which helps the user log into the account with just a swipe by the user finger, and it is very secure too.

There is also another feature adding to this which makes the SZ series even more special, it actually has an in belt camera and a microphone which lets the user to actually communicate through video conferencing any where in the world. The SZ series has video chip set NVIDIA GE Force Go7400 with a RAM of 128 MB. The memory is of 2 GB, which lets you to do the work much faster, and it has the hard drive capacity to a whopping 100 GB, which I am sure it will satisfy to the most demanding of the user. These features combined make the SZ series laptop a more reliable one to use and gives the efficiency purpose to the user.


SONY has once again unveiled its series of laptop for its high-defined users who looks for more features and technology as they are on the move to stay connected with the people and business customers anywhere anytime in the world. It has many features in it, which I am sure that it is going to make a heads turn and reach out for the incredible series unveiled by Sony.

The SONY N SERIES bounds with performance, portability and value to the user, which makes it more reliable and sought after. It has many features like the ever reliable and latest processor from the Intel, which lets you do the work at greater speed and executes the codes and instruction much faster.

The duo processor consists of two encodes in to one layer of the CPU which gives you the much more needed efficiency for it.

It gives you an impressive PC performance that you look for it. You can surf, access the digital photos as well as enjoy the video as well with its processor bundled with many features in it. It also has a DVD burner and a hard drive with a revolution speed of 4300 rates per second, which helps to carry out the task much easier and faster.

It also has an excellent wide screen display, which helps us with the latest X-technology, which clearly distinguishes between the true black color as well as the vibrant color. It is also best suited for multiple spread sheet documents and also to analyze large amount of data and it has also got a unique feature where it contains an anti-reflection coating which gives you a clear view and good to see from any angle.

It has got a built in wireless LAN which helps you to stay connected any where and it also supports the wireless fidelity which gives you greater access and wide coverage of network to do a lots of work anywhere.

These notebooks are pre installed with new Microsoft windows vista business features, which lets you to share the file you use and many more and it also has a security features which protects your critical data and also while you browse through the net. These notebooks have an inbuilt Bluetooth facility, which helps the user to connect to the different laptops, mobile devices, and video game consoles, which lets you to access with in the specified range limit. It also allows us to share many data within the specified range without the need of cable wire.

These many feature are sure to help the high tech users to awe about this marvel, which is released by SONY, and also to have an easier way to do the work with the latest technology under it.


Sony FE Series LaptopsSONY has once again unveiled a series of laptop, which targets the high-defined users to cater to their needs. The SONY VAIO FE SERIES is what the home users are looking for this kind. It has got an unprecedented feature, which makes even the most demanding person to meet the expectation.

There are many key features in it, which makes the FE SERIES the most sought after laptop. They have a Dual-core processors packed with Graphics in it and also have a next future generation of screen, which delivers the best of color, and brightness that you can get. The quality of screen is another thing you can look out for. It also has a 15-inch widescreen and also combined with the high-end WXGA resolution, which makes it ideal to watch your favorite movies and feel at home. It has also got a double Lamp Illumination, which helps increases, the contrast and also differentiates between true black colors and vibrant one.

For the first time, you also have the Intel core processor form the Intel which for their right combination of power and potential. With the addition of dual core processor, it steps ahead to the future.

It has also got a hefty hardware in use. This helps you get through the most demanding task and with the advanced DDR2 memory it helps in ultra speed computing with low power consumption. It also helps you to carry an array of task from the entertainment scheme to that of the intensive programs that you would carry out.

It has got an integrated optical drive in use which provides data storage of up to 8.5 GB which can be stored on one Double Layer DVD disc which makes it very easier for the user to port the data, save and share them.

It has also got the Windows Vista Premium, which makes it easier and enjoyable so that you can do anything on your PC. With its high end spectacular look and windows Media Center it takes you to the future. It has also got an exceptional audio quality, which has the original sound reality technology, which provides the surround sound technology. It has also got the integrated Blue tooth technology, which makes you to integrate with the other palm tops as well as other devices without having the need to go for the additional hardware or software.

It also got the unique optional docking with multi function bay, which helps you to expand the functionality and more options to it, even further. The bay unit is an ultra flexible one which helps to do the functionality without the use of excess hard ware in it. All these makes the FE SERIES the most sought after.


SONY has come out with yet another series of laptop to satisfy all high end users with its striking design as well as the performance features makes it effective for the business tasks. One of the batteries of series introduced by the company SONY is the C series. You could work on the move, surf the net, send and receive e- mails, play games, take photos and listen to your favorite music, anytime or anywhere.

It has an Intel duo core processor for its un-imaginable system responsiveness and efficiency to the core, which lets you do the work at greater speed and executes the codes and instruction much faster from it. This kind of processor actually speeds the overall process required to accomplish the task.

The C SERIES gives you the much needed flexibility as well as the freedom to go any where with its integrated wireless area network technology which lets you use the laptop anywhere while staying connected with your business customers always. It also has an integrated blue tooth facility, which makes us to connect to other devices within the proximity level and allows us to share information without any hassle in the form of cable wire etc.

It also has an excellent wide screen display, which helps us with the latest X-technology, which is also best suited for multiple spreadsheet documents and to analyze large amount of data and it has a unique feature where it contains an anti-reflection coating, which gives you a clear view and good to see from any angle. It also offers mobile computing effectively which gives the mobility to use the PC on the move.

The SONY C models allow you to store the digital media; the variety of software and the digital photos and libraries makes it a one-stop location to find all. These notebooks are pre installed with new Microsoft windows vista business features, which lets you to share the file you use and many more and it also has a security features which protects your critical data and also while you browse through the net. It actually grows along with your business needs, which helps you to retain the investment in it.

These many features from the C series laptop make it quiet unique as well as best suited for the user to meet their business needs and to sustain the growth in the market.


SONY has once again come up with a more innovative series of laptop, which is bound to attract more users to it with its high-defined technology, which makes it even more comfortable for the users to work with it. It is also the perfect blend and combination of elegance, mobility and also style which becomes the center of the digital world which helps you to make most use of it.

There are many key features to the AR series to look out for. The first thing is the ever reliable Intel core duo processor which is specifically been designed for the mobile computing and it has also got an advancement of the mobile processor technology which helps in the mobile computing. The dual core delivers two cores in one CPU by which it gives better performance.

The AR SERIES has got a high defined wide screen which brings you the needed clarity and brightness that you have been looking for while watching movies and other stuff with its X technology solution.

It has also got the home system integration into it, which enables the user to switch to the media center, and allows you to interact with the latest surround sound system technology. It also allows the laptop to be connected to the television. It gives you the Blue Ray Drive, which is a must as you can find out the latest Hollywood movie being offered on the Blue Ray technology.

It has also has the Intel Graphics card which helps you to play the video games with high end atmosphere and you can also support your presentation with super images and good animation added to that. It also has a digital photo import which brings with you the hassle free environment where you don’t require a cable to connect between the camera and the computer and also contains the digital video capture for better home viewing experience.

The another feature is that it has a software bundle in the AR SERIES of laptop which includes to capture and burn video you have, you can also digitize your videos and re organize with them into an MP3 collection and also makes it easier to manage the finances and also organize digitized photos.

It also got the much needed virus protection that everyone is looking for to safe guard your computer and data stored ion it from malicious viruses and software and it protects you when you or reading your mails or browsing the web. You can also connect your peripheral devices with your computer with the help of the USB ports in the laptop.

All these features make the AR SERIES the more reliable one for the user.

I - MAC core Duo

With the launch of iMac Core Duo, Apple is captivating the world laptop market. The iMac Core Duo becomes the first brand of Apple to merge with rivals Intel. By Combining Intel’s 955GM chipset and the Intel Core Duo processor, it delivers high performance. It also keeps up with the capabilities of its competitor Windows.

The 1.83GHz iMac sports a 17″ LCD with a resolution of 1440×900 pixels.The new iMac features ATI, and uses a 16x PCI-Express interface. It also boasts an efficient combination of an excellent design, an impeccable software suite, and the ability to run windows in addition to Mac Operation system. You won’t find a more feature-packed and versatile desktop computer.

Most of the users are comfortable only with the contemporary windows operating interface and when it comes to Macintosh these users take a backseat. But using boot camp software, now you can install Windows XP in your Macbook. So now it can inherent to new technology without any troubles.


* 20-inch wide screen LCD with 1680×1050 resolution
* 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo with 2MB shared L2 cache
* 512MB (single SO-DIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
* 250GB Serial ATA hard drive
* Slot-load 8x double-layer Super Drive
* ATI Radeon X1600 graphics w/ 128MB GDDR3 memory
* Built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0
* 1.83GHz Processor
* 512MB PC2-5300 DDR2 (2 slots, 2GB max)
* 160GB 7200rpm SATA hard drive
* 8x Super Drive (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
* 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet
* Built-in 802.11g
* 17″ LCD @ 1440×900, supports extended desktop via mini-DVI connector
* Built-in iSight camera
* Apple Pro USB keyboard with 2 USB 1.1 ports
* Apple Mighty Mouse
* Apple Remote
* Size: 16.9″ x 16.8″ x 6.8″
* Weight: 15.5lb
* Audio
o Built-in stereo speakers
o Internal 12-watt digital amplifier
o Headphone/optical digital audio out
o Audio line input
o Built-in microphone
* Software included
o Mac OS X 10.4.4
o iLife ‘06 (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, iWeb)
o Front Row

+ ILife’06 Software suite
+ Built in iSight Camera
+ Fast native application performance with Mac OS X;
+ Can run Windows via Boot Camp
+ Faster 3D graphics and memory than the iMac G5
+ 20-inch wide screen LCD with 1680×1050 resolution

+ Nonnative software runs slowly on Mac OS.
+ Not compatible with new technologies.
+ Adobe products do not run efficiently.
+ Only 90 Days free support.

Overall, It is not the best product, Though Apple has improved the iMac’s specs, but it has not extended the upgrade period. Apple only offers 90 days of free support and one year of repairs. If you buy iMac Core Duo, you will get an efficient machine with all round performance. But eventually when it runs new applications like iLife suite, the performance will reduce. Also iMac is not suitable for Adobe applications like Photoshop. Overall it shorts fall when it comes to compatibility with new softwares.

Nokia N99 8 Mega Pixels

The Nokia N99, is it real. Pictures are floating around the net. Blogs are talking about it, bookmarks are getting interesting reviews. Social networks, are spreading the word. Faster then wild fire, spreads a fire. The speculation is end less. The true question is. Will, this phone be on the market anytime soon? That question, has been on every nokia fans mind. The answer, is still un answered. Though, some high profile blogs have reported, that the phone is still in its building stage.

Considering, the iphone has just been released. Maybe it is a good idea, the Nokia N99 stays put. What the phone offers, is still not yet answered. Though, the pictures floating around. Looks, like Nokia will be having windows mobile OS? If this is true, will this be worth buying? What version of windows will they run? Shifty sources, have claimed. That the phone, might be using a new mobile OS. Vista, which was earlyier released from microsoft. Proclaiming itself, as the next best OS out there. Another great, OS by microsoft themself. Though, vista being on a mobile phone. Will be extremely insane, and radical!

Another odd thing about the Nokia N99, is the keyboard. They seem, to not care about the new futuristic designs. Touch screen, surface touch, or anything related to not clicking. Instead, the phone has a “qwerty” keyboard layout. The general opinon of the mass media, consumer. They seem to be ok with it. As long as the phone carries wifi, email, gps, consumers seem to be satisfied. Speculating, at the other phones in the current market. It might be safe to say, the Nokia N99 will have a camera and mp3 system. So that you may share, send and take pictures. As well as download, your favorite song of the day.

With all the speculation on the Nokia N99, we can only whisper and type away. What we wish this phone will have. Hopefully, in the coming future, we will have more general information on the phone. Maybe even a few real phone pictures a long with some nice facts, from the one great reliable source. Nokia themselves!

Sony PSP

The Sony PSP (Play Station Portal) is not just a game player. But, more than half a million people who bought Sony PSP in the very beginning for playing games. This was released on December 12, 2004 in Japan. The memory of the PSP is 32MB. This weighs of about 290g and measures 170 x 23 x 74mm. The display portion is of 16:9 wide screen TFT which is capable of displaying 16.77 million colors. This has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery in it. There is an USB port too.

The package usually have Sony PSP, 32 MB memory stick, Ear buds, Demo UMD, AC Adapter, Remote, Hand strap and a Slip case. The entire device is of black color where as the front portion of the PSP has been carved out. It has more number of buttons than any other handhold gaming device. The 4 thumb accessible buttons on the left side are for navigation purposes where as the 4 on the right side are Menu interaction buttons. Apart from these 8 buttons, there are seven small buttons at the bottom edge of the device which give access to Home, Display brightness, Volume up and down, Select and Start.

The colors and graphics are of good quality. But this depends on the game you play. Playing games in Sony PSP gives you the same feeling as you are playing on a TV. On the top of PSP there are LEDs for power (Charging the device), Memory stick and WiFi. You can notice the AC adapter connector at the bottom edge of the PSP and the remote/headphone connector next to it and the lanyard connection point. With the help of earbuds you can listen to the music files in the device. Now, you can see two shoulder buttons, IR port, a mini USB port and finally an UMD compartment latch on the top edge of the PSP. This latch acts as a switch which opens the disc compartment where you need to insert the disc and press it down in to the holder in door.

Since the UMD is a spinning drive, it produces some noise when the disc is in access. Even though, the sound isn’t a noise, it is noticeable. But, the PSP doesn’t vibrate during this proves. The battery compartment & Memory stick duo slot are at the back of the PSP.

Basically, there are 5 main functions on the screen such as Photo, Music, Games, Videos and Settings. With the help of the directional and other buttons you can make use of these options. You can make changes on video, photos, music, etc., with the help of settings option. You can view images (only .JPG files) with the help of photo function. You can scroll across the images since they are in thumbnails mode and you can bring the picture to full screen if you select it. Slideshow options are also available.

Listen to the music files using the music option. You can play any videos and movie clips with the video option. But, this supports only .MPEG4 format. The price of the Sony PSP is $249.

Apple TV review

Since its launch in 2006, The Apple TV is making a big impression in the consumers market. It seems like Apple possesses a midas touch when it comes to selling products to the consumers. The Apple TV targets all sets of users. It has blended the worlds of PC and living room entertainment and is the best media-streaming device ever.It has revolutionized the way we watch television and is the next big thing in consumer electronics.

All the previous versions of other devices, which transfers music and video from your PC and plays them on your TV, have been inefficient and have never been popular. Keeping it simple was the new mantra of Apple Inc. Taking this philosophy to the next level; they developed an easy interface similar to iPod.

The Apple TV is provided with a remote. It looks like an iPod but doesn’t function like one. It doesn’t havea click wheel. Instead you need to click up,down, left or right. It runs on a modified version of OS X, and has the functions of a real computer. A 40GB Hard-disk synchronizes with a user’s iTunes library via either hardwired Ethernet or 802.11x WiFi. Apple TV puts all the movie trailers, music and TV shows from on your TV and can connect to your TV via an HDMI port or component video.

Now high revolution TV viewing is just three steps away. Downloading from iTunes. Syncing wirelessly from your Mac or PC and watching your contents.


* 10/100BASE-T Ethernet Support
* 802.11n wireless networking
* 40GB hard drive
* Up to 50 hours of movies and TV shows
* Up to 9,000 songs and 25,000 pictures.
* Built-in IR receiver
* Operates on OS X
* Height: 1.1 inches
* Weight: 1.09 kg


* Compatible with iTunes Music Store.
* Clean machine design.
* Large hard drive.
* High Streaming
* Internet Connection.


* No video codecs support other than H.264 and MPEG-4
* No real 720p support.
* No Divx, XviD, MPEG-2, or WMV Playback.
* Incapable of generating a high-def video signal because of high bit rates.

There is no doubt that Apple TV is far easier to use and is one of its kind. Still a lot could have been better. For instance, In spite of having an internet connection, Apple TV cannot connect directly to the iTunes Store. Downloading a video to the PC, and then syncing it to the Apple TV is a tedious job. Despite those reservations, though, Apple TV is more than just a product. It’s the first media streaming device built for a non-geek. Overall it is a classic gadget which is redefining digital home entertainment and nothing should stop you to take this product home.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


SAMSUNG Black 46" 1080p LCD HDTV W/ ATSC Tuner Model LNT4661F

  • 46" 16:9 1920 x 1080
  • HDTV Tuner Inside
  • 3 HDMI

PHILIPS 37" 720p LCD HDTV Model 37PFL5332D

  • 1366 x 768 + 480i/p 720p ...
  • ATSC Tuner ATSC / NTSC / QAM ...
  • HDMI Component
Toshiba America

Toshiba 65" Diagonal 1080p HD DLP TV - 65HM167

  • 1920 x 1080, 1080p Full HD ...
  • ATSC / NTSC / QAM Digital ...
  • TALEN Toshiba Advanced Light ...


Lenonvo ET600 Smartphone build specifically for the Chinese Market

lenonvo-et600-smartphone.jpgThe new Lonovo product is sure to be a successful one; this phone is made exclusively for the Chinese market and will run on the Windows Mobile 6 OS. The ET600 is packed with a ton of really cool features and stands out from the crowd with a 128MB usable memory capacity and a 2 Megapixel camera that you can use to snap photos of your friends and then upload them online to your favorite site like Flikr. This phone is sweet- and includes Bluetooth capability along with tri-band GSM technology.

Nokia N 95 started shipping

Nokia has started shipping the N95. As Nokia has reminded its customers many times, the N-Series isn’t made up of phones, it’s made up of “multimedia computers”. One look at the N95’s impressive feature least with re-affirm the title. The most unique aspect of the phone is its dual-slide mechanism that either reveals number keys for dialing or music playback keys for tunes.Features of the N95 are high-end to say the least:
* 5-megapixel camera* HSDPA high-speed 3G data , EDGE and WiFi* microSD card slot* Integrated GPS* Stereo Bluetooth* QVGA screen with 16 million colors
All this can now be yours, Nokia has started shipments of the N95 in select European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Wider distribution is expected in a matter of