Saturday, December 15, 2007


Apple Video IpodThey’re here. They’re there. They’re everywhere. You see them with the actors on TV. You see them at the airport while traveling. You see them at the café’s. Welcome to the iGeneration. The next time you see a teenager with the glowing white earphones, and listening to trendy music while gazing into a sleek device with a glowing screen, you know that he has been attacked by the iPod crazy phenomenon.

The iPod revolution has started and it has become one of the prominent, status symbols of Today’s society. Today it seems like every second teen owns an iPod. The appeal of having your own customized selection of music by your side 24 hours a day, sounds so irrestible. These stylish portable hard drives enable you to store your entire music library, video collection and upto 25,000 photos.

Music connects. Taking this philosophy to the next level, Apple introduced the iTunes-the #1 online music store specially made for iPod makes it possible to buy your favorite tracks and sync it with your iPod.

Apple iPod Video is an Enhanced 5th Generation Media Player and is available in 30,40 and 80 GB Storage. It stores almost three weeks’ worth of music, 25,000 photos, or up to 40 hours of video, and now you can now enjoy games and movies as well. It comes in the color black. iPod with Video is one of the most successful brand items of all times. It features a “click wheelâ€� offering more control and providing an easy interface. It is available in different colors, sizes, features and preferences. It continues with its sleek trend, a height of only 4.1 inches it easily fits into the pocket. It is little bulky as compared to other products and weights 4.8 ounces. It supports mp3 (16 to 320 kbps) and AAC (iTunes Store). It also supports mp4 video format. It has a built in rechargeable ion battery. With 20 hours of battery life, it is reliable and efficient than any other gadgets in the market.

You can create a soundtrack to your life, and play songs according to your environment and mood. iPod is not a gadget anymore, it has become the best companion of teenagers, businessman and celebrities all over the world.

* 30 /40/ 80/ 160 GB Storage.
* Video support.
* Feather touch.
* Customizable Menu and click wheel feature.
* Easy Navigation and song search.
* 65,000 color High Resolution LED screen.
* Photo Library with Slideshows.
* 320 by 240 pixels.
* Downloadable Games.
* Car Integration.
* Supports Additional languages.
* Supports Album art and lyrics.

* Difficult to Sync and transfer.
* Needs to be converted into mp4 format.
* No Voice Recording and FM feature.
* Bulky design
* No direct access to the files.
* Heavier than other Apple Products.

Overall the fifth generation iPod is a must buy for gizmo freaks. iPod stands tall of the fact that there are not many cell phones in the market, which provides so many features at this price. iPod in your back pocket sends a message that you are hip, trendy and a true lover of music. If you want to create an impression and want to enjoy music on the go, then the Apple iPod is just for you. So in three words just go get it.

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