Saturday, December 15, 2007


The NOKIA 7380 model manufactured by NOKIA was released in the year 2005. Just one look at it will leave you gasping for breath for its sheer look, style and elegance. It is one of the three new fashion phones introduced by Nokia. It looks small, easy to hold and despite the fact that the size of the phone is large it still fits in your pocket very much easily even in one of the most fashionable attire.

The phone has got a lot of feature like it consist of the MP3 player as well as the FM radio and it allows to access the internet with its WAP technology and the data transfer rate is lightening fast and it also has voice command responsiveness.

The front face of the Nokia 7380 completely mirrored when it is idle and when you actually use the phone the screen comes on behind the mirror, which is one way and it got a shimming golden stripes, which actually makes it a combination of more colors.

The navigation part of the phone is quiet interesting in this because it does not have the traditional keypad and rather it does not have any noticeable buttons in the phone. The circular inner console much similar to the IPOD mainly does the navigation thing, which you need to scroll across to access the menu. It has a center console, which is used to access the interface of the phone, and the glowing orange ball in the center is actually the select key

The Nokia has included al most every feature that it contained in the mid range phone of the Nokia. However, it mostly used for a casual purpose like dialing contacts, messaging and snapping a picture. However, the Nokia has thoughtfully included an audio messaging kind of service, which lets the user to actually voice their message without having to type from it. Dialing contacts is simple and all you need to do is scroll to the numbers and click on the green button to do the talking.

Taking a picture is also relatively easy, as you need to go to the camera application and click on the orange button to select the required application. There is also some option like activating the night mode and you can activate the flash player though the picture quality is of high standards. It also has the Bluetooth connectivity, which helps to share information between the user with in the proximity range, and you can also store a number of software to suit your needs.

Overall, the NOKIA 7380 has its advantages and it also looks sleek and good in its own way.

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