Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sony PSP

The Sony PSP (Play Station Portal) is not just a game player. But, more than half a million people who bought Sony PSP in the very beginning for playing games. This was released on December 12, 2004 in Japan. The memory of the PSP is 32MB. This weighs of about 290g and measures 170 x 23 x 74mm. The display portion is of 16:9 wide screen TFT which is capable of displaying 16.77 million colors. This has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery in it. There is an USB port too.

The package usually have Sony PSP, 32 MB memory stick, Ear buds, Demo UMD, AC Adapter, Remote, Hand strap and a Slip case. The entire device is of black color where as the front portion of the PSP has been carved out. It has more number of buttons than any other handhold gaming device. The 4 thumb accessible buttons on the left side are for navigation purposes where as the 4 on the right side are Menu interaction buttons. Apart from these 8 buttons, there are seven small buttons at the bottom edge of the device which give access to Home, Display brightness, Volume up and down, Select and Start.

The colors and graphics are of good quality. But this depends on the game you play. Playing games in Sony PSP gives you the same feeling as you are playing on a TV. On the top of PSP there are LEDs for power (Charging the device), Memory stick and WiFi. You can notice the AC adapter connector at the bottom edge of the PSP and the remote/headphone connector next to it and the lanyard connection point. With the help of earbuds you can listen to the music files in the device. Now, you can see two shoulder buttons, IR port, a mini USB port and finally an UMD compartment latch on the top edge of the PSP. This latch acts as a switch which opens the disc compartment where you need to insert the disc and press it down in to the holder in door.

Since the UMD is a spinning drive, it produces some noise when the disc is in access. Even though, the sound isn’t a noise, it is noticeable. But, the PSP doesn’t vibrate during this proves. The battery compartment & Memory stick duo slot are at the back of the PSP.

Basically, there are 5 main functions on the screen such as Photo, Music, Games, Videos and Settings. With the help of the directional and other buttons you can make use of these options. You can make changes on video, photos, music, etc., with the help of settings option. You can view images (only .JPG files) with the help of photo function. You can scroll across the images since they are in thumbnails mode and you can bring the picture to full screen if you select it. Slideshow options are also available.

Listen to the music files using the music option. You can play any videos and movie clips with the video option. But, this supports only .MPEG4 format. The price of the Sony PSP is $249.

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