Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shure SE series : Earphones

Shure, the Chicago based audio electronics company announced the economically priced earphones, recently. Similar products from competing companies cost anywhere between $200 and $500 in the market. Shure has moved from the professional-only image to the consumer space, and seems to be making hay while the sun is still shining.Shure Earphones

The Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones look rather large; it could’ve been made smaller, but that would add to the cost. It looks very good though. It’s mostly black, with a few tinges of white, and will match just about any compatible device you use. Not many earphones deserve such compliments of match-and-contrast. Shure’s trademark-like popularity or legacy, as you would want to call it, continues – with the deep ear design. Sound Isolation? You bet, and it works great.

If you’ve used Shure’s SE series earphones before, then this one will come off as easy as others. The design and the package (overall) are very similar to the previous models. This means that you may not want to, or even need to, read through the manual again. Anyway, do read it. It comes along for a good reason.

The bass is a little weak, and for the bass freaks, that’s a let down. Lows, mids and highs are reasonably good. Listening to vocals was a breeze and they were setting the pulse and the tempo right. The softer ones will sound great with this one, and even the distant notes can be heard very clearly. Although you can’t expect Iron Maiden to get you breaking your neck with the relatively weak bass, the performance is pretty satisfactory. So, if you’re into rock and metal, maybe you can wait until Shure’s future models to release according to your preferences. It seems like they were designer with the soft listener in mind.

To add to it, you get a small kit, which comes with some cleaning component and loads of foam sleeves and custom flanges. They’re easy to use and comfortable in hands of just about any size. It’s evident that Shure sure knows the doorway to musical hearts.

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