Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pocket PCs : What exactly are these ?!?!

A Pocket PC, abbreviated P/PC or PPC, is a hardware specification for a handheld-sized computer (Personal digital assistant) that runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. It may have the capability to run an alternative operating system like NetBSD, Linux, Android or others. It has many of the capabilities of modern desktop PCs.

Currently there are thousands of applications for handhelds adhering to the Microsoft Pocket PC specification, many of which are freeware. Some of these devices also include mobile phone features. Microsoft compliant Pocket PCs can also be used with many other add-ons like GPS receivers, barcode readers, RFID readers, and cameras.

In 2007, with the advent of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft dropped the name Pocket PC in favor of a new naming scheme. Devices without an integrated phone are called Windows Mobile Classic devices instead of Pocket PCs. Devices with an integrated phone and a touch screen are called Windows Mobile Professional devices and devices without a touch screen are called Windows Mobile Standard devices.

So according to you what do you think about Pocket PCs, good, bad, anything, just leave your Comments below--->


Micky said...

Nokia N95, its what computers have become.

pepsharada said...

It is good to have a touchscreen. The Pocket PC you are talking about is very useful for all business conferences. It may also be an added advantage to have Video Conferencing integrated to it as it is easy to carry a mobile than a laptop.